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Air conditioning

Dear Expert team,

what is the recommendation for air conditioning? Are there differences between air conditioning in cars and for instance in hospitals? Can we use air conditioning in our car without any preoccupations?

Many thanks

Dear questioner,

Air conditioning in hospitals does not differ largely concerning the technique from that in cars. The major difference is that cars have another environmental atmosphere compared to hospitals. In hospitals air may contain more frequently bacterial pathogens. No data exist for air conditioning sytems in cars but it is highly unlikely that it may distribute bacterial pathogens such as Pseudomonas in the car atmosphere, because a source for Pseudomonas is not present. Therefore you can use air conditioning in cars without preoccupation.

I hope t hat helps.

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Gerd Döring
To provide some further information on this topic, here is what Dr. Posselt wrote on the topic air-conditioning in the car:
"Air conditioning devices are unproblematic for CF patients as long as the filters of the devices are serviced according to instructions, i.e. are changed according to instructions. This is easy to control concerning the own car. At rented cars, this is a problem. The same problem occurs in hotels.
Generally speaking, air conditioning devices are more a problem regarding mould fungi and less a problem of infection with Pseudomonas."
D. d'Alquen