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Schuessler salts in addition to traditional medicine

Dear expert team,

one always strives to do the best for one's child and against CF. Now my question: can it be reasonable to draw on naturopathic treatment in addition to traditional medicine, or will there not be a positive effect? I actually am someone who does not really believe in it, but if taking Schuessler salts would make a positive impact, for instance, one could perhaps combine the two.

If you are experienced in this area, what would you recommend?

Thank you for your answer. Regards.

Schuessler salts are minerals that were "exponentiated," i.e. of which supporters of homeopathic medicine believe that the stronger they are diluted (the less concentrated they are in the respective concoction), the more effective they will become.

So far, there is no scientific proof of this, so that this therapy has not entered traditional medicine.

Kind regards
Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner