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Salt preparations with high blood pressure and salt-restricted diet

I have a high blood-pressure and a salt-restricted diet. During the summer, I have to take salt preparations. How do I deal with this contradiction?
the cause of the high blood-pressure has to be found out by the physician. Is there a kidney problem due to the many drugs that had to be taken? Have all the possible measures been tried to bring the blood-pressure down, so that a salt-restriced diet is necessary? There are many reasons. In general, if you eat normal salted food, this should not have a negative influence on your blood pressure. You should discuss with the dietician of your center, what you have to do in order not to have a higher intake than the normal one for salt during the hot summer period. The sodium content of your blood should be checked. If this value is in the normal range and your physician is content with your blood pressure, it has to be discussed how the higher need of salt during hot periods can be covered. It is important to use so-called isotonic drinks. You should pay attention to the signs of your body. If there is a lack of salt, the symptoms are sleepiness, reduced appetite and the feeling of salt-hunger. In such a case, you should eventually take salt tablets.
In such a situation, it would be interesting to check the blood pressure in short intervals. It is unlikely that a higher salt intake leads to a high blood pressure immediately. In general, a high blood pressure for a short time has to be accepted. A massive lapse of the electrolytes however, is life-threatening.
Best regards,
H.-G. Posselt