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Dear CF-team,
quite a time ago, the influence of Crataegus on CF had been investigated. However, I cannot find a final conclusive judgment/results in the internet. Can you give me (F508del-mutation heterozygous) some information about this?
Best regards and thank you,
there was a project of a working group from Gießen (Germany) from Prof. Lindemann, which investigated the effect of flavonoides, which are the effective and operant part of Crataegus, on the chloride permeability of nasal epithelium. The nasal potential difference before and after 3 months of oral intake of Crataegutt novo® had been investigated and a certain effect could be shown in some patients.

The results have been presented on the congress of paediatric pulmonologists in 2005, to my knowledge the project has not been continued and the study has not been published, either.
There are however international studies with flavonoides, in order to change the chloride stimulation in CF, which are however not yet available in hospital.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Joachim Bargon