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Mild hyperechogenic bowel

I am 31 years old and did the second level ultrasound. It was concluded that the fetus has a mild hyperechogenic bowel. I was told the same thing for my first child 4 years ago. I had an amniocentesis and the baby was normal. What do you suggest I do?
Dear friend,
The hyperechogenic bowel is an ultrasound finding that may be attributed to many and different factors.
In many cases no cause may be detected, but in a small percentage there may be serious causes, like some chromosomic anomaly (1%), CF (1-3%) and others (Simon-Bony 2008).
The recommended check is what you did, as well as genetic testing to see if you are a carrier of a CF mutation, or whatever else your doctor has recommended.
You mentioned that you had an amniocentesis 4 years ago for your first child. Was the fetus tested for CF mutations? Were you and your husband checked for CF mutations? If you were tested and no mutations were detected, the chance for the fetus you carry to have CF is very very small.

Yours friendly,
Dr. Stavros Doudounakis