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I.v.- therapy

Dear expert team!
My son (29 years old) shows all characteristics of an exacerbation. CRP 130, hemoglobin 9,6, more infiltrates in the lung, suspicion of atelectasis, weight loss etc. He continues his basis therapy: inhalation of tobramycin (TOBI), Zithromax (drug:azithromycin) and Avelox (drug:moxifloxacin) orally. His doctor in charge is of the opinion that we can wait a little further. Is this correct?
Yours sincerely,
Dear questioner,
I have no information on the course of the illness of your son, his germs in the lung and their resistance patterns as well as the i.v. therapies that have been performed so far. Generally speaking, if there is a worsening of the clinical situation, that is likely to be due to an infection, this infection should be treated, in order to avoid further deterioration.
This can be achieved by giving tablets, sometimes inhalation, often, however, the most effective measure is used that is an intravenous antibiotic therapy. Avelox (drug:moxifloxacin) is fore sure no permanent therapy and probably already a measure of your doctor to treat the infection.
"To wait further" is seldom the right measure, more than ever your son shows sings of an infection and a loss of weight. This is an alarming sign and waiting further is not justifiable in that case.
Your son shoud therefore contact your doctor again and than describe him his symptoms (in the way you described them here) and express his wish for therapy.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. J. Bargon