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Cleaning the teeth with tooth-jelly

A question concerning cleaning the teeth: Our dentist advised our child (CF) to clean the teeth once a week with elmex tooth-jelly. Is there any risk, Pseudomonas etc?
Thanks for your answer!
The tooth gelee you refer to is a concentrated fluoride preparation and (like the fluoride preparations of other companies, too) very useful for the prophylaxis of caries. It contains 1,25% fluoride, as well as aroma substances and saccharine, as well as glycole, cellulose and water as carriers substances. As this is an industrial produced product, a contamination with germs is very unlikely.
Be careful: Fluoride preparations are drugs and should therefore be stored in a way that they can not be reached by small children (this does not apply to fluoride containing toothpaste, which contains much less fluoride).
Best regards,
Michael Sies