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Child's sport

My child who has CF whant to attend sport cluster. May I let him to do it? What sport is most beneficial for him?
Dear questioner:
We encourage physical activity of children with CF. Many patients with CF have made the experience that sport has a positive influence on the course of their illness. Some studies revealed, that exercise capacity, quality of life as well as the pulmonary function parameters improve due to training.
According to the latest research, sport activites are recommended to CF patients, but some points still remain unclear, e.g. which kind of sports and how much. It has been shown that endurance traning of 3 times per week for 30 minutes each had a positive effect on pulmonal function. However, strength training shows comparable positive effects. Thus, endurance training such as running, swimming, biking, rowing, skaiting, cross-country skiing as well as stregth trainig are advisable. Possibly, the combination of both might be best. Important is to choose a sport which is fun for the individual and is easily accessible.
However, the health status should also be sufficient for the specific sport chosen. Possible problems may include a decrease in oxygen saturation in the blood or the increased loss of salt via persipration. Especially patients in a progressive state of the illness are at risk. Therefore it is recommended to contact your CF doctor before starting a sport program in oder to talk about the individual risks. Patients with an impaired function of the lung might have to undergo an ergometry to disclose the risks. It is often important to start a training programm under supervision in oder to avoid risks.
I hope that I have helped you with this information.
Yours sincerely,