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Fertility / Risk of fertility in a man with CF

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

a fertility test has shown - as assumed - , that I am sterile on natural way.
However, the urologist has been able to extract two whole sperm cells from the sperm.

Now my question:
Do I have to take contraceptional measures due to these two sperm cells (probably sometimes there are three or ten or 5000) ?

The statement of the gynecologist of my girlfriend was "no", as the risk to get pregnant from me was lower that in case two healthy people contracept with the pill....
Many thanks for your statement!
as a rule your gynocologist migth be right from the statistical point of view. But one can not give a guarantee to you - or a physician, who does so, would have to pay aliments in case of a still eventuating pregnancy...
Normally, three independent investigations with zero sperm cells are needed, before one can be really sure enough.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner