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Titanium valve/ emphysema of the lung

Dear expert team,
We got a request in reference to an article, which appeared in the internet under,3147,OID4014800_REF2478,00.html .
The question is if the method described there, using titanium valves at an emphysema of the lung in COPD can also be suitable in Cystic Fibrosis.
Many thanks in advance for your efforts!
Indeed there are many similarities between the changes of the lung in CF and COPD, namely the overinflation and the destruction of the airways. In patients with COPD, there are some patients, too, who produce very much purulent sputum, which is in fact a rule in CF. In those special patients – with much sputum -, however, those valves are not suitable, as there is the danger that they become blocked or obstructed. In other words, as a rule, one will come to the conclusion when considering something like this for CF that it is not suitable.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner