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American vest and inhalator in Germany

Dear Experts,
We are living in the USA and have a 12 year old son, suffering from CF. We are planning to fly to Frankfurt for 2 weeks in the autumn, in order to visit my family. We are using a vest and I do not know if we can use it due to the current difference. Can we hire such a thing in Germany or would it be easier for us to find some kind of current transformer?
In case he would be positive for Pseudomonas by then and we need an inhalator and Tobi, is it possible to get this in Germany with an American prescription?
In case we need medical advice in Germany, can we go to the university hospital in Frankfurt or do we have to make an announcement before? I am not familiar with the German system in the out-patient departments.
Many thanks for your help,
Yours sincerely,
I am sorry that you had to wait for such a long time, but fortunately it is still some time before your travel.
I am trying to answer your questions each by each and one after the other, but basically you should make clear in advance, which CF-centre near the hometown of your family is suitable for you. It is obviously clear that it makes sense to take with you a summarizing report of the US-CF-centre, to have all important information available if needed.

Vest: indeed I do not know, if such a vest can be hired or lent here, probably the vest is not suitable for the 220-volt alternating current. I have copied you the German website from the company, producing these vests, it probably makes sense to clarify this directly with the company (it would be a super service, if that could be probably organized exceptionally).

An American prescription is mostly accepted in the pharmacies, in case of doubt, every general practitioner here in Germany is able to convert such a prescription to a private prescription.

In case you should come to our hospital – if it is necessary – please make an appointment via the telephone, like with all other institutions, except it is an acute emergency. According to urgency we can make it possible very quickly, and some points can already be clarified on the telephone with such well informed parents, as you obviously seem to be.
Yours sincerely,
Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner