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Pseudomonas in toothpaste

Is it true that Pseudomonas bacteria can contaminate toothpaste. Are there alternatives to evade this daily danger of colonization? Dr. Grün
Dear Dr. Grün,
In principle your question can be answered with yes [1]. Nevertheless, targeted epidemiological investigations have to be carried out with several used toothpastes, to better estimate the risk. Since toothpastes are opened normally with the hands, safety could be achieved when hands are disinfected before. However, whether such a precaution is indeed necessary, depends on the effective contamination rate of the toothpastes with Pseudomonas which according to my knowledge is not known. I hope that I have helped you a little bit.

Prof. Gerd Döring
Reference 1

G. Hagelüken, T. M. Adams, L. Wiehlmann, U. Widow, H. Kolmar, B. Tümmler, D. Heinz, W.-D. Schubert: The crystal structure of SdsA1, an alkylsulfatase from Pseudomonas aeruginosa, defines a third class of sulfatases. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2006, Vol. 103, N. 20, pp. 7631-7636.