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Pseudomonas in cistern water

In our house cistern water is used for toilet flushing. The cistern is below the gorund level and is a concrete construction. The water is very cold. Can Pseudomonas bacteria live under these conditions in the cistern? If so, what is the influence of temperature? Does chlorination or any other hygienic precaution for swimming pools help to eradicate the bacteria? Should we stop using this water for our toilet?
Dear Questioner,

Indeed, Pseudomonas aeruginosa can survive well in the cold water of your cistern. The bacterium will grow slower at lower temperatures than at higher temperatures. Chlorination can be effective in eliminating the bacterium if properly used in the right concentration. However, this hygienic measure has to be regularly repeated, since chlorine decomposes with time. Also other means (other hygienic products) can be used. However, a microbiological testing has to be carried out by a certified laboratory prior to the use of any disinfectants. If properly done, you do not have to change the water for your toilet.

I hope that this helps

Sincerely yours

Prof. Dr. Gerd Döring