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To run off water reservoirs

I have read in diverse guidebooks that it is important to let water run off the taps, showers etc. in the mornings, before I myself as a CF patients am going to use them.
Is one time a day sufficient, or shoud the procedere be repeated alfter a longer period of stagnation (e.g. > 6 hours, shower in the evening)?
Best regards,
the concern, that has led to the recommendations above, is, that germs, especially Pseudomonas, reproduce quickly in stagnating water (e.g. in the siphon of a sink) and will ascend in the fine water vapour at the first use in the mornings and could then be inhaled. With the flush, the germs in the stagnating water should be washed away.
Investigations, after which time interval another flush is necessary, are not known to me. The night pause as an interval seems sensible to me, there is no evidence, that more frequent flushing, e.g. every 6 hours, increases security.

Yours sincerely,
PD. Dr. M. Ballmann