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Normal kindergarten and nevertheless individual integration

my 21-month-old son is going to be reintegrated into a normal kindergarten. He already visited a normal kindergarten before we knew the diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis and we as parents and our son liked it very much. The he could not visit the kindergarten for a certain time because of multiple stays in the hospital (at last on a specialized ward for cystic fibrosis patients after finally finding the right diagnosis). The social worker from the health agency in charge recommended to send our son to a special integrational kindergarten (7 children, 4 of them disabled and 3 nursery school teachers). Therefore I terminated the place in the normal kindergarten. In spite of the fact that our son did not visit the normal kindergarten in the last two months before the termination, his nursery school teacher contacted me regularly by telephone to get to know something about his health situation and she worried about him. She also brouhgt a parcel for easter or for other celebrations (summer celebration) when all the ohter children of the kindergarten were getting a parcel, too. I was very pleased.
As she got to know about the termination of óur sons' place, she started crying. She had got very fond of him.
When I brought my son to the intergrational kindergarten I was very disappointed and many things went wrong. Therefore I want to know if there is a possibility in the departement Brandenburg to apply for an individual intergration of a CF-patient in a normal kindergarten and has this plan any chance of succeeding?
Answer not translated since the topic is only of regional interest