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Colloidal silver

the last answer on colloidal silver is from 2014. Is there any new research / knowledge concerning the bacterial and viral fight or other usage in case of CF?
Many thanks for information.
silver is one of the toxic elements against microorganisms and is known for many years as a disinfectant in the clinical and non-clinical usage. Silver has an effect on gram-negative and gram-positive organisms, fungi, protozoae and partly also against viruses.
Colloidal silver sprays are used as a nature-medicine product in case of persistent chronic rhino-sinusitis. Anecdotal reports of relief of symptoms exist. A recently published study with colloidal silver over 6 weeks in case of persitent rhino-sinusitis however did not show an improvement neither subjecitvely nor objectively.
The availability of colloidal silver solutions for medical use seems to increase especially via free internet selling. Until now in-vitro studies with nanoparticles with colloidal silver show an influence on the biofilm of Staph. aureus. Also in the animal model an effect against germs with biofilms could be shown when used externally. The usage of such anti-microbial substances for prevention of severe infectious diseases of humans would be attractive. Until now, the in-vitro effects could not be transferred on human beings. Due to lots of side effects on diverse organ systems and the not proven effects, one has to warn clearly against the usage in human beings. In case of CF there is until now no indication for colloidal silver.
Dr. H. Ellemunter