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Several children suffering from CF in the kindergarten

Dear expert team,
I got the question from a kindergarten, if there is no risk in having two children suffering from CF (one 3 years old, the other one 5 years old, not related) in the same kindergarten (different groups, but no strict separation). Parents and nursery school teachers are worrying about a possible reciprocal infection with germs. At this time-point, none of the children has an infection with a problematic germ (which can, however, change of course).
Can I give the advice with a good conscience that this situation is quite safe or should I advise the parents to give the children to different institutions?
Many thanks for your answer,
Dear questioner,
The question if two non-related children with CF can be looked after in the same kindergarten can not be answered clearly with yes or no and is among others dependent on the local facilities and also on the attitude of the respective parents.
The worries of parents and nursery school teachers is quite understandable. At the moment, if there are no problematic germs, there are no concerns for sure. This could change however.
If you want to prevent possible problems, it would make sense for sure to look after the children in different kindergartens.
In case both families life in a rural region, where you do not find several kindergartens, the care of the children could be continued in one kindergarten in different groups. In this case I would advise to do microbiological investigations of both children every 4 weeks and not – as it is usually the rule –only every 3 months. By this mean changing of the spectrum of germs could be detected early and consequences could be drawn.
The parents should discuss together what kind of measures they will take in case one of the children gets for example positive for Pseudomonas, as in this case a strict separation for the safety of the Pseudomonas-negative child can not be avoided. Would say that at that time point at the latest it is not possible anymore to look after both children together in one kindergarten.
Yours sincerely,
S. van Koningsbruggen