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Next child

I am a father of a 4 year old daughter with CF. My wife and I, we are thinking about having another child, but 25% risk of having another CF kid hold us back in our decision. Therefore I want to ask, if there is any realistic chance of having a healthy child. I mean for instance methods of artificial fertilization.
In Slovakia, in such families, amniocentesis is being done. If there is a positive result, there are two possibilities. We will have a second child with CF or my wife has to undergo abortion. My wife had a spontaneous miscarriage two years ago and it was very stressful. Thanks.
Dear questioner
We understand how difficult your situation is and your attitude is very responsible. It is a good idea to have another baby and a relative to your daughter. It is true that if you already have a daughter with CF, there is a 25% risk for having another CF child. Therefore prenatal diagnostics might be helpful if you consider risking a pregnancy and a possible abortion. However, some families decide against another child and will not risk a pregnancy while other families will accept the chance of having a second child with cystic fibrosis and, thus, would not consider amniocentesis.
The best answer for your situation, if You are thinking about artificial fertilization, can be provided by the National Centre for Genetic Diagnosis of CF in Slovakia that has long-term experience in this area and very good international reputation. We are sure that they will find the best solution for you locally, respecting Slovak legal and ethical guidelines.
Best regards, Milan Macek and Jitka Brazova