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Airway clearance vest

We have a year-old girl with CF. I read that in the USA they use airway clearance vests to loosen up mucus from airways – see description attached.
„The ThAIRapy Vest is a mechanical device which uses high-frequency chest wall oscillation to provide airway clearance therapy. The device consists of an inflatable vest linked to an air-pulsed generator. The air-pulse generator creates pulses within the vest which oscillate the chest wall and create air flow within the lungs. Air flow created by the ThAIRapy Vest dislodges mucus so it can be cleared by coughing.“ Response from CF patients are positive: Easier breathing, fewer infections, shorter sickness.
Do they use equipment like this in Europe too? From which age do they recommend it? What does it cost? Is it possible (in the Czech Republic) to apply for a contribution from my health insurer?
Thanks in advance for the answer.
Airway clearance vests are used in Europe, but only sporadically, and their usage is not as widespread as in the USA. Mainly this is an individual choice for the patient or their family whether they can afford such a very expensive device.
Airway clearance vests come in various sizes, and there are sizes for children from approximately 1 – 1.5 years, but what is essential and very important are the settings for the vibration frequency from the compressor device. We always recommend that physiotherapy using the ThAIRapy Vest be begun under the expert guidance of a respiratory physiotherapist, and that it is necessary to regularly consult them on further usage.
The price is approximately USD 15,000 to 20,000 (according to current company price offers).
In the Czech Republic it is possible to apply for a contribution from your health insurer, but the probability of getting it approved is very low. Just as in other countries in Europe, in the Czech Republic this therapy is not among the standard ACT (Airway Clearance Techniques) methods.
Best regards, Libuse Smolikova and Jitka Brazova