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Sweat test

Hello, I want to ask about my 9 month son. I think that he is producing a lot of mucus and his sweat is very salty. Should I ask for chloride sweat test? I have not realized any other CF symptoms. I want to ask more if my GP will do this test or do we have to visit a specialized place?

If your son´s sweat is saltier and if he is producing phlegm, it is correct to perform a chloride sweat test. This investigation is non-invasive, You get the result the same day and most children tolerate it well. Most tests are negative and exclude classic CF. Chloride sweat testing is not routinely done by a general practitioner. There are special laboratories doing these tests, usually at bigger hospitals. It is very important that this investigation is being performed at a lab with enough experience (test must be done at least twice, enough amount of sweat has to be obtained, lab is doing at least 150 test annualy). Your GP will give You a contact and reccomendation for chloride sweat testing.

Best regards, Jitka Brazova