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Fever attacks

Permanently reoccuring fever attacks of 39-40°C. They come and take 1-3 days and then go away slowly. What can that be? Age: 22 years old.

Dear questioner,


Now let me answer your question.

Fever is not an indendent disease but a reaction of the body to inflammation or infections of various origins. Fever helps to support the body's immune defences. Cause for fever can be for example:
- infections through germs (viruses, bacteria, fungi),
- medicaments
- extreme dehydration (so called exsiccosis)
- inflammatory autoimmune diseases
- malignant tumor
- and many more!

As you see, there can be a great deal of causes for fever and without background information it is not possible to give a clear diagnosis. We, the expert advice, cannot make diagnoses via the internet anyhow. Without knowing you personally and without knowledge of your medical history and your findings it is not possible to answer your question.

Please contact a doctor you trust and discuss your problem with him/her. Possibly you will have to address a specialist. You and your family doctor can find out which specialist you should contact.

Best regards,
Dr. C. Smaczny