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Which new insights are there regarding the e-Flow Rapid what the remaining rest in the inhaler is concerned?
Thank you
M. Russy
Dear Mr or Ms Russy,

The amaount of fluid remaining in the "eFlow® rapid" used with the conventional nebulizer heads is 1,2 ml. Probably this year, a second nebulizer head will come into the market that does not have this "dead space" respectively this remaining fluid rest and for this reason much less fluid will stay in the nebulizer after inhalation.

So, there will be two kinds of nebulizer heads, one with a higher rest volume (for the inhalation of Tobi because of the risk for overdosing) and another with less rest volume (for inhalation of e.g. Pulmozyme).

Kind regards,
Dr. Christina Smaczny and Michael Renke (physiotherapist)