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Physiotherapy in CF

Dear expert team,

I am interested in the different kinds of physiotherapy in CF and would like to know if there are any studies about the effect of hippotherapy in CF. In addition, I am interested in the reflectoric breathing therapy. Which advantages does this kind of therapy have compared to the “normal” therapy, autogenous drainage, turning-stretching positions etc.?

Many thanks and best regards!
Dear consulter,

Hippotherapy respectively therapeutic horseback riding is a form of therapy that has proven its worth especially with regards to a couple of neurological diseases. As far as I know there are no studies investigating the effectiveness of a hippotherapy in cystic fibrosis. Neither my personal contact with trained hippotherapists that also take care of cystic fibrosis patients physiotherapeutically nor searching the internet have given me reference of respective studies.

However, the information as to the hippotherapy that is available up to now and the recognised indications do not support the assumption that this special form of therapy is particularly effective in CF patients.

It is, however, very well possible that horseback riding itself can have positive effects on some patients. However, due to the particular germ situation in indoor riding halls and especially in the barn you should get back to the team of your CF ambulance in charge and discuss the issue.

The reflectoric breathing therapy is a passive physiotherapeutical measure that requires the presence of a therapist; in other words, it cannot be done at home by oneself whenever one finds the time, like for example the autogenous drainage. The technique of the reflectoric breathing therapy can be relaxing, comparative studies regarding other physiotherapeutic techniques are not know to me.

Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Helge Hebestreit