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IV at home

Dear expert team,

I hope you can help me. My son needs an IV therapy now and would like/should do it at home because there are rarely beds for CF patients in the hospital in charge. Is there a company in the Vienna [Austria] area offering such therapy? The Fresenius company does not offer it any more.

Best regards,
Gerda Schmit

This is of course not easy to answer for us since in Germany one always needs a prescription and then also a further supervision of the medication (serum concentration etc.) and so on by the out patient service in charge. Thus, it makes sense to clarify this question with the CF doctor in charge, because he or she is of course very well informed about your region and knows whom to approach. Furthermore, the doctor has to keep control of what happens anyhow.

I wish you success.
Best regards,
Prof. Dr. TOF Wagner