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Diagnosis during pregnancy


My sister is in her 6th month of pregnancy. Since there is CF in our family she underwent an amniocentesis and the child carries both defect genes. When the last ultrasound scan was done everything was ok organically (intestine, etc.). Should my sister go the a CF ambulance before birth and also deliver there? Or is it sufficient to deliver in a hospital with children's hospital and go to an ambulance later? Or depending on what should be make a decision?


According to your comments I assume that your sister who is in her 6th months of pregnancy is healthy herself (does not suffer from cystic fibrosis) but she does expect to deliver a baby suffering from CF based on the result of an amniocentesis.

Independent from this, your sister can deliver in a hospital she trusts. After the birth of the child we recommend to go to a CF ambulance in order to start an adequate care for the child or to commence with a necessary treatment, if applicable.

Already before the childbirth your sister can look for a CF ambulance close to her home and, as the case may be, already contact and have a conversation with the pediatrician in charge which might take a calmative effect on your sister.

At this point I like to stress that a diagnosis at an early stage and a good and adequate CF treatment in a specialized out patient sercice has resulted in the last years in a proven increased life expectancy and also in a better quality of life of CF patients.

We wish you and especially your sister and her baby all the best!

Best regards,
Dr. C. Smaczny