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Correctors and specifical effects

I have a quite specific and probably detailed/scientific question: correctors like Orkambi or also the following models VX-661 etc. change also the salt content of the sweat etc, everything is regulated. Has this also an effect of the specific smelling of a human, means his pheromones and therefore his effect on his fellows? Or are the pheromones of each human unchangable and also not really detectable and the concentrations of others, smelling ones, like e.g. changed sweat does not influence this?
Many thanks
Dear questioner,
an interesting question - in general we know, that the CFTR-correctors have an effect on the CFTR and therefore on the salt content of the sweat. Also in other CFTR expressing glands CFTR correctors are effective and change the ion composition in the secretions. Most substances (also pheromones) can be influenced via changinge of the ions (solubilitiy in the fluid phase, Change to gas phase). If this however does already lead to a change of the body smell, is improbable: that, what we experience as "smelling like a human being" are parts of the secretions of the sweat glands (apocrine gland, axillary sweat) which are incfluenced via bacteria of the skin surface - therefore human beings do not smell like human beings but smell like their microbial community. This is vice versa influenced by the ion concentration of the sweat, as all biological systems react very sensitive to the salt concentration.
Unfortunately, there is no study known to me, which had investigated this systematically, technically this would be possible.
Best regards,
Frauke Stanke