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Lung transplantation / mycobacteria

My niece has CF, now the mycobacterium has been found ... according to the physicians she will get a lung transplantation...however the hospital is refusing to do it because of the mycobakterium.
My question,
which hospital would take a CF patient with mycobakteria and also do the operation?
It comes out to be difficult and I find it personally evil that everybody refuses to do it....
Best regards,
Dear questioner,
we have given your question to Prof. Dr. med. Jens Gottlieb from the Medical School Hannover/Germany and got the following answer:
"Patients with an active tuberculosis (caused by mycobakterium tuberkulosis) are no candidates for a lung transplantation.
Lung patients infected with non-tuberculous mycobakteria, are not in general excluded from transplantation. In case of single strains (M. abscessus) however, special precautions are necessary and there is a high risk of post-operative soft-tissue infections. "
[End of the mail of Prof. Gottlieb]
Best regards,
Annette Pfalz for ECORN-CF