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PA MRGN 3/4 dealing with other people in everyday life

Dear expert team,
I suffer from CF with the above mentioned germ. How to deal that status, if I am in public places? Concrete: can I visit a public swimming pool? Should I advise friends (non-CF/ "healthy") to protect themselves in case of visits at home, for some hours or overnight? Should one / has one to inform a person who wants to share an appartment with me before signing the contract? Etc.....etc....I think, the topic is clear. Many thanks ideally for official recommendations.
Dear S. ,
you report, that you as CF patient have the microbriological finding of Pseudomonas aeruginosa with a so-called resistance (3- resp. 4-MRGN). We assume, that you talk about the finding of the sputum.
The finding of this germ does not impact your daily life, that means you can go to public swimming pools, and you do not have to inform healthy people when staying with them. Healthy people who wants to share an appartment with your do not have to be informed about the germ. On the other hand, you should avoid if possible the contact to other CF patients, resp. people that have a reduced immune-system (e.g. after transplantation, with chemotherapy, newborns) in order to protect those peolpe. In hospitals, or in a doctor's office or at the physiotherapist you should in any case inform the treating person so that respective hygiene measures can be done.
Best regards,
Yours Dr. Christina Smaczny