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Amercian refrigerator

Is it safe to drink tap water from an Amercian refrigerator if you have CF?
Dear questioner,
The water and ice distributor of your refrigerator is connected to the water supply or the reservoir is manually filled with water. Belgian tap water is perfectly safe to drink, also for CF patients we do not see any reason not to drink it.
If germs are present in tap water, it almost never comes from the tap water itself, but from the tap. A neat tap hygiene is therefore very important, also with an American refrigerator.

In order to prevent bacterial growth in the reservoir, it is better to change the water filter every 6 months. Additionally, it is also advised to drain the first water if you have not drunk from it for a few days. These hygiene measures are applicable to everyone, not only for patients with CF.

If you keep the refrigerator clean, there is no problem.
Best regards,
Prof. K . deBoeck