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Chance for CF

I am 36 years old. Since I was a child, I had frequent respiratory infections (and pneumonia). I was born in 1982 and had a sweat test when I was young, due to the frequent chest infections, with negative results. I was diagnosed with allergic bronchial asthma.
I have chronic sinusitis and I had an operation about it. Despite the operations and the may antibiotics I have taken, it does not go away.
My doctor had me to have the sweat test two years ago at Agia Sofia Hospital, and the results were negative again (26).
Is there any chance for the symptoms to be caused by CF, and the results of the sweat tests to be false negative? Do I need to get further testing to exclude the possibility of CF once and for all?
Dear friend,
You have two sweat tests (with negative result) due to frequent respiratory infections and bronchial asthma. You suffer from chronic sinusitis, for which you had an operation. I would have liked to know your age at the time of the operation. Regarding your question, there are of course many causes for your symptoms. One common cause is the allergic bronchial asthma. There is a rare condition, the immotile cilia syndrome, that could be the cause. In even rarer occasion (less than 1%), there is the possibility of cf mutations coexisting, but with a negative test sweat. This is a very rare occasion. The only way, in this case, to exclude CF is through EGA testing.
Υours friendly
Dr. Stavros Doudounakis