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Trikafta and transplantation

my son is 20 years old, and is a CF patient with one deltaF508 mutations. Due to his extremly worsened lung function, his CF center recommended to take Trikafta. He got a liver transplant in 2017; this is the reason why he should discuss the take with his CF center. The center, however has no experience with transplanted patients and Trikafta.
Do you have any information?
Dear questioner,
there is no data concerning the efficacy and saftey of the drug in patients who underwent a transplantation. Therefore, the intake of the medication is not recommended. There is no information about drug interactions with immuno-suppressive drugs like cyclosporin, everolimus, sirolimus or tracrolimus. Therefore it is not recommended to take those drugs together with Trikafta.
This is the data, however, the decision, if a transplanted CF-patient should take a mutation-specific drug like Kalydeco, Orkambi, Symkevi or Trikafata remains an individual decision as an individual treatment effort.
Best regards,
Dr. Ch. Smazcny