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Towels: how often do we have to change?

Dear expert team,
my daughter (CF, 4 years old) uses in the kindergarten a cloth towel for drying the hands (mouth, face) after washing; those are changed every day, therefore she gets a new one every day. Until now she got every time after washing her hands a fresh towel - in order that she does not use a wet towel with probable germs in it. However I ask myself now, how fast germs grow or it it would be sufficient if she gets a new towel in the mornings and the next new one at lunch time? She is about 6.5 hours in the kindergarten.
Thank you
Best regards!
Dear questioner,
many thanks for your interesting question.
Scientific investigations or clear recommendations about hygiene in the household resp. kindergarten or school are unfortunately not available. That your daughter gets a new towel after every washing, is not really necessary from the hygienic and microbiological standpoint.
In my opinion, it is even not necessary, that your daughter gets a new towel at lunch time. As your daughter washes her hands and mouth before drying, one can assume, that the number of germs is markedly reduced. As already done, it is important, that the towel is used only by one person. In the meantine the towel should hang out, so that it can dry.
Best regards,
Jörg STeinmann