Hello, what recommendations can you give us in foggy weather when the CF child is in school? Should he stay in the classroom during recreation in those days? My 7-year-old son has mainly affected the respiratory level. He's often obstrucitve and has two intravenous treatments per year. Thanks for ...
Riding/horses hygiene
Hello, my daughter wants to take riding lessons. My question is, if she is allowed to ride also in the riding hall or it this rather risky? And what about going into the stable to the horses? Is this a risk, too? Would a face mask be helpful? Best regards,
Swimming pool with salted water
Hello Is it dangerous for a CF patient to bathe in a swimming pool of salty thermal water? There is, in Germany, a thermal swimming pool (Solymar) which uses salted (3%) thermal water. I read that the salinity of the sea water oscillates between 2 and 4 %. Is it risky to go with our child (by ...
Pottery making
Again about pottery making: I have no good feeling, even if my daughter wants very much to do it. Clay is a humid material, that can only be processed if it is still humid. If a piece in the lesson is not finished one day, it is covered with a plastic sac and is finished one week later. At ...
Visit (tropical) orchid garden
Dear Doctor, Can a CF patient visit a tropical indoor garden? Or is there a risk to get a Pseudomonas infection? Thanks a lot for your answer!
Maintenance for musical instrument
Hello, I'd like to know the advices of maintenance which you recommend for wind musical instruments. Because of their price, I see myself bad adviser of javel baths. Brass instruments can be defused and immersed again but no wood instruments!!!! I have a young patient who plays trumpet... Thank ...
Garden hose - Pseudomonas
I have a question about the risk of Pseudomonas infection. Now in the summer, many children use garden hoses to splash around with water. My daughter would like to join this fun, of course. I am not sure, however, whether Pseudomonas will grow in these hoses. And if so, is it sufficient to let the ...
In outdoors parks or playgrounds there are sometimes water and/or “mud corners”. How high is the risk of transfer of pathogens?
Blue Flag and swimming for CF patients
The Blue Flag is an international quality label in Flanders awarded by the Association Bond Beter Leefmilieu (BBL) and the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and guarantees sustainable quality tourism on the coast and on inland waters. With this label Marinas and swimming ponds can ...
Magic sand
Hello, Friends offered to our 4-year-old son a game called "Magic sand". It is a dry powder which we put in a bowl filled with water and which is sculpted in the water, like modelling clay. Once finished, we remove the sand of the water and we put back it in a bottle:then it's completely dry. ...
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