Salt water pool
Dear expert team, In summer, we would like to rent a holiday home with salt water pool in Mallorca. Can our children (both CF, 4 and 6 years old, so far pseudomonas-free) use this pool without any danger as far as infection with pseudomonas is concerned?
Hello, my daughter is three years old and has CF. I would like to know whether she can play in the yard. She likes to go out into our yard and plays with dry soil.
Thermal bath
Hello, is it possible to visit a thermal bath with a CF patient? I mean like the one in Podhájská village, where the thermal bath is with the water composit similar to death sea. Thanks in advance for an answer.
Summer camp
Hello, Our 13 year old son would spend his next summer vacation in a summer camp and enjoy the adventure. As he is chronically colonized with Pseudomonas aeruginosa, he receives Colistin inhalation and Pulmozyme daily. His FEV1 is 95% and he is very fit, but we are not "hot" for him to go ...
Playing the trumpet with CF
Dear expert team, Our son (8 1/2 years old, CF) is interested in playing the trumpet. Is this beneficial with CF or rather counterproductive, since possibly the pressure is too high fort he CF lung? Thanks for any information!
CF camps
Why are CF camps no longer allowed? You can catch pseudomonas bacteria from other people (non CF) as well, isn’t it? Also, I can’t find clear (general) ‘conduct’ rules for people with CF. Do you know where I can find them?
P. aeruginosa and horse riding
My eight years old little boy is willing to practice horse riding. But I read that some animals carry P. aeruginosa and that we had to be careful concerning the risks of transmission while riding. Could you please give me more precise information on the subject? Thank you.
Aquarium visit
Is there a risk for a CF child when visiting an aquarium ?
Flight in an air balloon
Can a flight in an air balloon cause problems for a CF person with an FEV1 of 60%?
bacteria private pool
Hello, We have a private pool. Despite the usual treatments done, I'm afraid that the water is infected, including Pseudomonas. Is it recommended to perform a thorough analysis of water before each summer through a private lab? thank you in advance for your reply
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