Lake and amusement park
Hello I am a mother of a little CF girl wanting to go to a famous amusement park in Marne La Vallée (Disneyland). I would like to know if it was really dangerous or possible with rules of hygiene. In addition, most of the hotels are located near a lake: there is any risk of contamination with P. ...
10-year-old child with CF
My son has been attending swimming lessons for 5 years now. He is tired of it now and I cannot force him to go on. He prefers soccer. Would you recommend such a change?
Hello, I wondered if the liquid paints with water used by children (watercolours) could contain Pseudomonas aerugionsa? Is there a deadline after opening? Thank you
Carpet and picking mushrooms in the forest
Hello I’d like to know what is better in a room for a child with cystic fibrosis: carpet or linoleum like plastic soil? And I'd would like to know if it's dangerous to pick mushrooms in the forest with the Pseudomonas or other bacteria present in the ground and moisture? Thank you
Swimming pool
I have a question about the warmth of pool water. I'm not allowed to go to Center Parks because the water is too hot. In Knokke-Heist a new swimming pool has opened. The water in the pool is 30° C. Is it healthy to swim in the pool or should I stay out of it?
Hello my 6 year-old daugther with cystic fibrosis is registered in a gymnastic club where they use magnesia. There is silca in magnesia, is it dangerous for her lungs?
Puddles and mud
Hello, My 6-year-old son loves to ride a bike in the woods in puddles of muddy water. Is it dangerous for him? Can he play outside, the days following rain? Could we let him play on wet toboggans? Play football? Thank you.
Salt treated pool
Hello I have a 21-months-old little boy. I would like to know if I can swim him in a pool treated with salt. What is the difference with chlorinated water? If it is possible, what are the precautions to be taken? Thank you
Can a person suffering from CF do gardening (contact with soil, grass) without too much risk? I've had several Pseudomonas and aspergillus infections. Thank you.
Garden hose
Can we fill a small pool for a 2-year-old CF child with water from the garden hose? I feel that the hoses are real nests for bacteria, with stagnant water and are often in the sun. .... thank you
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