Swimming with Pseudomonas
Dear ladies and gentlemen, can a CF patient go swimming in a pool if he has Pseudomonas? Thanks and best regards,
My son (aged 7) is due to start swimming with school in January. The pool used by the school is not chlorinated but the water is cleaned by ultra-violet light. Would this pose any infection risk for someone with CF? Thank you.
hot tubs, jacuzzi, spa baths
We need to explain to friends why our grandsons (11 and 14) are not allowed to go into hot tubs, jacuzzis, spa baths etc. Please could you recommend research documents (if any) or any written material to help us put this danger to our grandsons over clearly to anyone who may have care for ...
Rivers & CF
How high are the risks & what are precautions we should take with a toddler cfer and playing in a river? Specifically the Guadalupe/Comal? High vs low?
Differences between CF Centres
Hello Will there one day be a "consensus" between CF Centers? Indeed through testimonials from parents of CF children it’s noticable that each CF Center allows or prohibits some activities or travel. Opinions may even differ in a given CF Center ... Why has one child the right to go to Tunisia ...
hot tubs, jacuzzi, spa baths
Could I get recent publications/research on the use of hot tubs etc for cf teenagers please?
Stagnant water?
Dear expert team, the grandparents of our daughter (2.5 years old, CF) spend their summer holiday every year at the Lake Constance. This year they would like to invite our daughter to go with them there. They both want to calm our worries concernig swimming lake and Pseudmonas danger with the ...
Indoor playground
As being mother of a little girl (16 months old) with CF, I would like to show her the joys of indoor playgrounds (ball pit, slides), but I would like to know if it is possible and if there is a problem with bacteria? Thanks
Visit of indoor playground / danger from strong fan of jumping castles
Dear expert team, is there any danger from the fan of a jumping castle? Partly completely closed "rooms" with strong fan/ air pressure. I have already tried to get some information myself, however do not find any answer. My son (CF patient, 5 years old) is invited to a birthday party, which ...
Following questions raised previously on the benefit of trampolines, I would like to know: at what age their use is beneficial? Thank you
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