Cruise on a ship
Hello, We are considering a cruise. We ask ourselves if our daughter with cystic fibrosis may participate in this cruise regarding hygiene, water tanks, swimming pool ... Thank you for your reply. Cordially.
Hello, I noticed that in response to a question about pools you recommend avoiding the footbath. Could you tell me more? Can my CF child rinse his feet when he leaves the pool in the footbath, were there is a product (I guess disinfectant) to prevent warts? What should really be avoided when ...
climbing indoor
Hello, My 7-year-old daughter would like to practise climbing. We went in a room to learn it and we noticed that the air was full of magnesia. The air is renewed every night but the magnesia is very volatile and there remains always on the grips. I did not find information about the ...
Musical instrument and physiotherapy
I would like an answer to a thought I had. Physiotherapy is a boring part for our children. They do it, they understand its value, but they are bored. What if it could be turned into a game (without losing its value of course), such as playing a music instrument, not in order to get an diploma, but ...
Risk of infection at the skating-rink?
Hello Does the ice of a skating-rink contain germs? Or more simply, is skating-rink prohibited or recommended? Thank you very much
CF and sailing yacht?
Hello, We are thinking about buying a small yacht (sailboat) for our vacations. However, we have a daughter (5 years old) with CF. We are a bit worried about the bacterial load in the water tanks used for showering, washing, etc. Is it sufficient to put chlorine additives or other, similar ...
synchronized swimming
My 9 year-old CF daughter practices synchronized swimming for the first year. After discussion with the CF centre, the doctor told me that there were no problems if precautions for public pools were respected. However, I wonder if other children or people practice the sport and know their ...
Positive effect of thermal water
Dear expert team, We live close to a thermal bath that advertises, among other things, the mucolytic and curative effects of its thermal water as well as a brine floating pool and brine inhalation. Could regular visits be beneficial to our daughter (2 years old, CF)? Or would the warm, humid ...
I am the mother of a 16-month-old boy with cystic fibrosis, diagnosed at 2 months of age. My parents in law have a farm with cows. There are also large reservoirs with maize and grass to feed the cows. Also horses and dogs are on the farm. What should I pay attention to and what is absolutely not ...
CF contact with chest infected person
I would like to know if a CF carrier with lung infection can safely spend two weeks in a camping tent in a hot climate with a CF child. Some of the lung infection symptoms we know about are persistent cough, short of breath, weight loss, overall weakness and a past history of pneumonia and been ...
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