temperature of pool water
From what temperature on we speak about subtropical swimming pools? What is the maximum temperature ?
Always pseudomonas after visiting swimming pool – does colistin help prophylactically?
Hello, Our daughter (12 years, CF) was three times in an open air pool in her life and each time she had pseudomonas afterwards. It was always possible to eradicate it and she never had pseudomonas again. As a matter of course she would like to go to the swimming pool but until now we have ...
2 patients aged 9 and 13 will attend the same gym but will not be in the same classes. The question is: should we pass a surface disinfectant on the beams and rigging they have used after every session? One girl is chronically colonized by Staph aureus and X maltophilia, the other by Staphylococcus ...
Hello, I wonder if it is a risk to have a barbecue in the presence of a CF child under age 14 months? Regarding to the smoke. Thank you for your reply.
Swimming after lung transplantation
Hello, I would like to know if and when one can go swimming after a double-lung transplantation. In an outdoor swimming pool / lake / indoor swimming pool? And where is the problem in general? Thank you!
Aquadoodle game and pseudomonas aeruginosa
Hello, My daughter is 15 months old and suffers from CF. At home, we have an “aquadoodle game”, you must put water in a pen and write on a surface that will stain on contact with water and then will dry. I have put aside the game through fear of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, but I find more and more ...
cystic fibrosis and meeting with dolphins
A big thank you to Dr. Ravilly for her response on the opportunity to swim with dolphins. We retain a possible offer for swimming in the sea or ocean but not in the dolphinarium (risk of transmission in two directions). Last question: what about the meeting at the edge of the dolphinarium pool ...
swimming pond
Dear reader, We have a 14 year old teenager with CF (mutation DF508 and N1303K) We are thinking about having a swimming pond in our garden. Would you advise us not having a swimming pond or is there no problem at all and can we put through our plans? Yours sincerely,
Magnesium carbonate in climbing
How dangerous is the "chalk" for the lungs that is used during sport climbing and that is floating in the air in the halls? Can (healthy) parents take their CF-child/-baby with them for some hours daily into the climbing halls without concerns?
Hello, I read in one of your answers that children with cystic fibrosis could enjoy green spaces, but can you leave a baby with cystic fibrosis crawling in the grass? Or be sitting in the grass (he touches the grass and put his hands in the mouth)? ... The erath may also be a tank of Pseudomonas ...
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