Seed ladder (vas deferens) interrupted in a baby
Hello, my son (18 months) has been operated due to a retained testicle and during the procedure, the physicians found that the seed ladder was interrupted for a length of 3 cm. They did not give any further information, only that it could be related to the retained testicle. I found in the internet ...
Inhalative antibiotics during pregnancy
Hello, I am 30 years old and pregnant with my second child. During my first pregnancy I inhaled pulmozyme, aztreonam and hypertonic saline and did not think about it. I took the whole time cefuroxim as an oral antibiotic. During this pregnancy I informed myself via the internet and found ...
Orkambi or Symkevi - contraception
Hello, I am thinking about changing from Orkambi, which had a good effect in my case, to Symkevi. In the studies it could be shown that the increasement of the FEV1 lung value is even 1-2% better compared to Orkambi and there should be less side effects. Now my question: can I switch again to ...
Wish to have children
Dear team, my partner and I, we want to have a child. Until now, it did not work and now an azoospermia came out in my partner. The urologist said, we could have a genetic investigation done, if he wanted. My husband (31) has no symptoms. He hasn't any problems with digestion, nor with the lungs ...
c.274-6T>C and ΔF508
I want to get pregnant and I was tested for CF. I was found to carry the C274-6T>C mutation and the DF508 mutation, one from my father and the other from my mother. It was suggested that my husband must be tested due to the DF508 mutation. For the other mutation I was told that the data are ...
Genotype 7T/9T & 10TG/11TG
I am 14 weeks pregnant and I was tested for 99.6% of the CF mutations. No pathological mutation was detected, but the answer wrote "Genotype 7T/9T & 10TG/11TG". Is this something I should worry about? Thank you!
DF508 in heterozygote state
After being tested for infertility for 75% (very small number of sperm cells) the DF508 mutation was found in heterozygote state. My wife will get tested for 99%. Must I get further testing? Apart for the infertility issue, are there any issues that I should know about?
c81c mutation
My wife is 21 weeks pregnant. She was tested and found a carrier of the DF508 mutation. I was tested as well and I was found to carry the c81c>T mutation. My wife had an amniocentesis. The fetus was found to carry the DF508 mutation and we await the results for my mutation. What are the chances ...
Stem cells from cord blood?
Hello, our first child suffers from CF, and we are expecting our second child (healthy carrier). One reads again and again about advertisment for freezing of cord blood after birth. Do you see a potentially advantage in the (far) future of cord blood respectively cord blood stem cells of a ...
Possibility for pregnancy
My spouse (male) has CF and carries the DF508 mutation. I am not a carrier, nor a CF patient. Is there a chance for pregrancy?
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