genetic testing
I wish to have a second child. I was tested for 90% of the CF mutations and I was found to be heterozygote for c.443T>C. I do not carry any other mutations. Can I start trying to have a child, or must my husband get tested as well. There is no family history. Thank you!
Maternity visit
Hello, I am already pregnant and mother of a little boy with cystic fibrosis; I wish to know if there were risks for him to come to see me in the maternity where his little brother will be born or if it is better to wait for the return at home (which would enormously grieve me). If there is no ...
Infertility treatment, antibioitics
Hello, My husband (CF) and me, we are just before starting our infertiliy treatment. His gaining of sperms (TESE = testicular extraction of sperms) had to be postponed due to a flue. We are waiting till the infection is over, in order to have the operation done. However it is difficult to find a ...
CF and the wish to have a family
Hello, I am 29-years old and have CF and for 15 years also diabetes (however, I am in a realtive good health status: FEV1 is differing between 74% and 83% according to infections, allergy against polls). I am very sportive (running, Mountain-biking, sports in the mountains: climbing, walking, ...
Prenatal diagnosis
Hello, We have a 5 year-old daughter who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of 4 months. Since this day we have been in safe hands in terms of medical and physiotherapeutic care. Our daughter is fine, till today she has not had any evidence of problematic germs. We have our ...
Genotype 7T/7T
My husband was tested for mutations in the CFTR gene, and in the results it writes: “ the genotype 7T/7T was detected in the sample in relation to the polymorphic region of the CFTR gene”. Does the above mean that my husband is a carrier of the disease? The reason for him being tested was ...
I was checked for >98% of CF mutations and I was found to carry the DF508 one. I am pregnant, therefor my husband was checked as well. If the results are negative, then the fetus has a 50% chance to be a carrier? If my husband is found to carry the same gene, then there is a 25% chance for the ...
Symptoms of rare mutations in our baby
My husband and I are both carriers of a CF mutation and I'm pregnant. We were told, there is a 25% chance that our baby could inherit our two mutations and we want to know what symptoms the child may have if this is the case. My F508del mutation is common (with R668C variant, which should not be ...
Is always tested for CF when doing an amniocentesis [In Germany]?
Stopping birth control
My friend, now 35 years old, is born with CF. It is said that people with CF are infertile, now my question is: Can I stop taking birth control pills? We do not want to have children ...
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