Hello, I (female, 18 years old) am currently taking colistin (inhalation) and co-trimoxazole (orally). I am now a bit confused as to the effects these two antibiotics may have on my contraception (NuvaRing®). Will the contraception still be fully effective, or less effective, or not at ...
Genetic test
Hello, My boyfriend has cystic fibrosis. We would like to know wether I am or not a carrier of the mutated gene before considering to have a baby. We looked on the internet and apparently I should do a blood test, but where can this test be done?
Hormonal contraceptives
Hello! I (27, female, CF) use for some years a vaginal ring for contraception. My common medication is levofloxacin, azithromycin orally; tobramycin and meropenem every 6 weeks intravenously; Aztreonam and Colistin inhalatively. In addition, I still take amitriptylin low dosage and further drugs ...
Negative for R117H, positive for 5T
Hello Doctor, We are trying to find as many information possible about this, because we are going to do IVF in the next weeks. Both myself and my husband tested positive for the 5T allele, but negative for the rest. I was wondering what are our risks for our baby? All that I found is that we have ...
Life expectancy, male fertility
Today life expectancy is what age? Can we have children and being a man with the disease (without adopting or use medicine)? Thank you for you reply
Prenatal diagnosis
Hello, we are a couple desiring a child. I'm Breton [inhabitant of Brittany, a region in France] and my husband has a cousin who has CF. Is it necessary to make an ante-natal or prenatal screening or a specific follow-up? Thank you.
CF and no reason for infertility: urgent, please!!
Hello, I am 23 years old and try to get pregnant since about 5 years, I have run through all investigatons and also laparoscopy has been done, with my husband (non-CF) everything is o.k. My hormones are super, both tubes are pervasive and free, bood test showed that I have an ovulation all the ...
contraception in cystic fibrosis
Is there a special recommended oral contraceptive in cystic fibrosis?
prenatal diagnosis
I read on INSERM [institue national de la santé et de la recherche médicale = French national institute for health and medical research] website that the ISET method developed by P.Paterlini-Brechot would be soon available. When? Thank you for your answer.
Mild hyperechogenic bowel
I am 31 years old and did the second level ultrasound. It was concluded that the fetus has a mild hyperechogenic bowel. I was told the same thing for my first child 4 years ago. I had an amniocentesis and the baby was normal. What do you suggest I do?
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