Hyperechogenic bowel
I am 30 years old and pregnant with my first child. I had the second level ultrasound and the doctor detected a hyperechogenic bowel. All the tests till now were good, but I was informed that the possibility for Down syndrome had risen from 1/19194 to 1/6398. The doctor said it may not mean ...
Male Fertility
Is there a surgical treatment that restores the function of the vas deferens in a man suffering from infertility due to cystic fibrosis?
Chorionic villus sampling (CVS)
I would like to know how long I have to wait for a first result after a chorionic villus sampling (CVS) with respect to cystic fibrosis? Many thanks
Improvement of lung function during pregnancy
In case of a friend of mine, her lung function improved about 13% due to a pregnancy. What kind of experience do you have with pregnant women? It lasted for about 11 months until the lung function returned to the level before pregnancy.
pregnancy and CF
I would like to know if there is a threeshold FEV1/FVC necessary before pregnancy. What are the other criteria: BMI, hemoptysis, other...
girl with CF, monthly period
Dear reader, My 14 year old daughter with CF had her first menstrual cycle 6 months ago. At the beginning it was not really regular (cycle of 28 - 30 days). The last 2 months the period came back too quickly. After 14 days or 8 days, she has again her menstruation. Is this related to CF? Should ...
Hyperechogenic bowel
I am having my first pregnancy. During the second level ultrasound a very mild hyperechogenic bowel was detected, as well as an echogenic field in the heart. The doctor said that if these findings do not recess by the 28th-30th week I must do an amniocentesis. I did the test for CF. What do you ...
Cervical mucus impenetrable???
Hello, Some time ago I wrote that I have been trying to become pregnant for 4,5 years (I am 23 years old, 50kg, 1.60m, lung function 70-78%). When I was a baby I had an abdominal surgery done (intestinal occlusion) which caused concretions; these were removed about one year ago. However, it ...
Polar body diagnostics
Dear expert team, My partner (age 32) and I (age 38) are both genetic carriers for CF and our daughter (19 months) has cystic fibrosis. We would like to have another child and of course we would be very happy if it would be healthy. By reason of our ethical attitude termination of pregnancy ...
Diagnostics / Desire for a child
I am a German gynecologist and have a medical practice in France. I have a patient who has a desire for a child and whose sister has CF. Which diagnostics should be made?
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