Bronchitol®(mannitol) and ABPA
Hello! I have CF and would like to get a prescription for Bronchitol®(mannitol) in addition to my other drugs. Currently, however, I am being treated with corticosteroids and antimycotics against ABPA. My question: is there any experience with or contradindication for using mannitol in this ...
Continued fever with CF
Dear expert team, our 14-year-old son has been running a fever of more than 39 degrees since April. He has P. aeruginosa, mycobacterium abscessus and ABPA. He has a port that was already contaminated with staph epidermids and changed in 2010. Currently, he is taking Tobi® (tobramyin), ...
Our daughter has CF. there are black fungus spots in our garden house. Do these pose a danger for our daughter.
Bathroom refurbishment
Hello, Our new landlord would like to completely refurbish our bathroom (built in 1970). He wants to put in new tiles, take out the bathtub and build in a wider shower. Since our son is already chronically colonized with PSA, we are worried 1) that even with protective foil on the door, ...
I am 31 years old and have CF and diabetes. At 13, I had ABPA for the first time and was treated with cortisone. I had the second ABPA (RAST class 4) in fall 2006 and was treated with Decortin H® (prednisolone) for one year, starting with 50mg. My current IgE is at 519; in addition, the specific ...
antibiotic treatment
My son (25 years) is colonized by Staphylococcus aureus R (MRSA), Alcaligenes xylosoxidans, Aspergillus fumigatus. He has IV treatments over and over, the germs have become resistant to antibiotics. The Zyvoxid (Linezolide), is no longer effective. Can we hope that former antibiotics would become ...
P. aeruginosa and horse riding
My eight years old little boy is willing to practice horse riding. But I read that some animals carry P. aeruginosa and that we had to be careful concerning the risks of transmission while riding. Could you please give me more precise information on the subject? Thank you.
Fungus after water damage
the plumber discovered mushrooms under the ceiling of our bathroom. Is it safe for my 8 month old daughter affected by cystic fibrosis? Do I need to have her away some time during the work? Thank you.
Mould fungi during renovation of the school
Dear expert team, our daughter with CF visits the 7th class of a secondary school, that will be renovated from June 2011 on. The school is about 30 years old, the building should be kept, but indoors all rooms should be renovated one after the other. The lessons go on, the building site should ...
Hello, There are several Aspergillus: fumigatus, niger, flavus ... Are some of them more dreadful than others? In case of contamination, is antibiotic treatment systematic? Thank you.
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