Daily colored sputum
Hello, my 5 year old son has colored sputum (green - yellow) daily. Is it due to chronic colonization by staph? He takes Pulmozyme┬« daily and has respiratory physiotherapy every day also. He has daily sputum that we are trying to evacuate every day. Does this mucus affect his lungs? Even after ...
Hello, Could you tell me if the use of a strap for physical therapy sessions is essential? Just recommended? Or not at all important? In which cases do you use it and for what purpose? It has never been proposed to my granddaughter who is 4 years old! Thank you for your reply.
Musical instrument and physiotherapy
I would like an answer to a thought I had. Physiotherapy is a boring part for our children. They do it, they understand its value, but they are bored. What if it could be turned into a game (without losing its value of course), such as playing a music instrument, not in order to get an diploma, but ...
Moving to Dubai (UAE)
Hello, Is there a risk for our 3-year-old little boy to go off for living in Dubai? Are respiratory physiotherapists available overthere?
Pulmonary rehab for CF patients
Can you send me the latest guidelines or focused reviews on pulmonary rehab and CF patients? Or just plain pediatric pulmonary rehabilitation.....
Hello, Our 10 months-old daughter has already had the opportunity to see 3 different physios (when vacation of its main physio) and it turns out that none has the same technique ... One washes the nose with physio serum at each session and makes her cough and drool / spit (this is rather ...
Respiratory physiotherapy
Hello, I have a few questions about the respiratory physiotherapy for a 1 year-old child: - Has the physiotherapist to wear a mask during home sessions ? - Is auscultation with a stethoscope necessary at each session? - Is the nose washing mandatory each time? Thank you.
Respiratory physiotherapy training
Hello, Again thank you for all your answers that bring us so much as parents of a child with CF. I would like to know what are the steps to take to be trained in respiratory physiotherapy. In addition, we have a physiotherapist who comes home twice a week when things go well and comes every day ...
Endurance race
Hello, Can a small 40-minute endurance race for about 4.5 km replace a physiotherapy session in a 9 year-old child who has 6 sessions per week. There is no breathlessness, no cough nor bronchial congestion during this effort. A big thank you and to your team for your answers.
Searching for a specialized CF physiotherapist
Hello my 8y. daughter has three physitoherapy sessions per week. I'm desperately searching for a physiotherapist who knows the clearance techniques in my neighborhood [31300 Toulouse Casselardit, France] and set a physiotherapy session at school. Thank you for your reply.
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