Vessel problems with i.v. therapy
Dear experts, I am 31 years old and currently in the second CF stage, and before all else, let me say that a port is not yet an option for me. I have already had several i.v. therapies, although the last three have not been completely without problems. The therapies as such were successful, but ...
CF and vein situation
My three years old daughter has CF and Pseudomonas infection. Therefore we often go for intravenous treatment. I want to ask, if there is something for hardening of the veins, because our daughter must very often go for repunctureing and her veins burst very often. Thank you very much.
PICC line for babies, for intravenous antibiotic treatment
Hello, Could you explain the benefits of this system in an IV treatment (benefits, risks, what it is, how is this set up), for children under 3 years? thank you in advance
Nutrition via port
Dear expert team, I am 21 years old and weigh about 38 kilogramms. Not enough! For this reason my physician wants me to agree on a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gatrostomy). However this is not in my interest. Since September 2009 I have a port, as I need an iv-therapy more and more often; I am ...
What is “une chambre“?
Dear Sir or Madam! My five-year-old son is anticipating an operation in France. He will be implanted “une chambre” under his skin in the chest-shoulder area. This will facilitate the administration of antibiotics IV (intravenously) without having to look for a vein for a long time. Question: ...
Dear expert team, I would like to know, if there is a guideline in Germany for the hygiene of the port (disinfection etc.)? Unfortunately, there are big differences between the childrens' out patient departments and the adults, which does irritate me as a patient totally. From sterile gloves, ...
Hygiene guidelines for using a port
Dear experts, I am asking on behalf of a patient: My question: Are there any general hygiene guidelines for using a port? I got my port two-and-a-half years ago. When I taught how to carry out my i.v. therapies at home 18 years ago, cleanliness was of utmost importance – closing the ...
Problems in rinsing the port (central i.v.-line)
Hello, I am suffering from CF and have an implantable port-system for infusions of antibiotics for 2 years. At the last two rinsing-procedures of the port (the last even at my CF doctor) I suffered from nausea and strong shortness of breath just after the rinsing-procedure (about 1 minute after). ...
Dear expert team, I have had major problems with the i.v.-lines at my last i.v.-therapy; for one thing the classic i.v.-line only lasted for 2 days and perturbed me very much; for another thing the tapping with the needle was several times unsuccessful. .. In gerenal my venes are very good and ...