Alternatives to e-flow
Hello, I am using the E-flow® to inhale hypertonic saline solution. Since the E-flow’s® aerosol generator wears out even when closely following the cleaning instructions (technically, one would need a new aerosol generator every two weeks), I would like to know what is the best alternative ...
Further question about 7% NaCl
Hello, Earlier, I asked a question about 7% NaCl solution since many studies are based on this concentration. Now I read that the combination of 7% NaCl and hyaloronic acid (0,1%) can make sense. And actually I found such a combined solution in the internet [German site], e.g. ...
7% NaCl
Hello, Many studies about the effectiveness of hypertonic saline were conducted with 7% NaCl solution. MucoClear® is, however, a 6% solution. How can I get a 7% solution? (P.S.: if the solution has to be mixed: what exactly should the prescription say?) Many greetings
How is the mixing ratio?
Hello, How is the correct mixing ratio if I have NaCl 6% and NaCl 0,9%? My 15-month-old boy is supposed to inhale NaCl 3% which was, however, refused by the insurance company… only NaCl 6% was approved. Many thanks
Physiotherapy and inhalation with asthma and CF
[Note: below are two similar questions asked by the same person – the answer refers to both of them.] Physiotherapy with asthma and CF Hello, In the morning, I (female, 43 years old) first inhale Symbicort® (budesonide and formoterol) to open up, then Spiriva® (tiotropium bromide), then ...
CF patient- inhalation of Mesna no longer possible
Dear, Mistabron® is no longer available in the pharmacy. I’m worried that my daughter gets worse with hypertonic saline. What is the best to use for CF? My daughter is 6 years old. Thank you.
MucoClear® 6% (hypertonic saline solution) harmful for children under 6? [follow-up question]
My 3,5-year-old daughter (CF) inhales MucoClear® 6% [NaCl 6%] and tolerates it well, she has no bronchial problems; we do inhale 2 puffs Salbutamol previously to avoid bronchial constriction. Can we continue this way without concerns? Or can this be harmful. It is dissolving very well. Thank ...
Colistin and e-Flow rapid or PariBoy SX ?
Hello, What is the best device for colistin nebulization ? E-Flow rapid or PariBoy SX ? Maybe you can suggest other nebulizers. Thanks for your response, R.
MucoClear® 6% [hypertonic saline] harmful for children under 6 years?
Hello, I have a question regarding MucoClear® 6% [NaCl 6%]. Since our health insurance does not pay the 3% NaCl our outpatient clinic prescribes MucoClear® 6% for our three-year-old daughter that we mix with 0,9% NaCl. Some days ago we made an inquiry at "ACHSE" (German alliance for chronic ...
TOBI® (tobramycin) inhalation continuously
Hello, I have question regarding the inhalation of TOBI® (tobramycin). I am 31 years old and have CF. Bacteria are Staphylococcus aureus and sometimes Pseudomonas. Since 3 years I am inhaling tobramycin using the following dosage regimen: 28 days twice a day 300mg, 28 days without tobramycin. ...
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