Douvent® and Mucoclear®
Hello, Could you please say to me if I can mix in the same nebulizer Mucoclear® and Duovent®. Thanks for your response. Best regards.
Question #1: Is it PTC 124? / Question #2: Amendment to my question
[Note from ECORN-CF: This combines two questions the questioner asked consecutively.] Dear expert team, I have three important questions: 1) My doctor, who unfortunately is not there anymore now, had me examined in order to find out which mutation I have. I do not remember the name now; ...
new inhalative treatment
Hello my daughter's doctor told her that a new aerosol would be placed on the market in early 2012. Can you tell me a little more? Is it an antibiotic, a mucolytic, ..... Thank you in advance for your reply.
Is it a good idea to combine amiloride with the salty Vincentka mineral water or physiological solution in the course of one day? The interval between amiloride inhalations should supposedly be at least 3 hours, but we cannot keep to this schedule, as it differs from our daughter´s needs. She ...
Amiloride Preparation
I would like to ask about the preparation of amiloride solution in our pharmacy. Does it have to be sterile even though our doctor doesn´t specify the need for sterilisation on the prescription?
Amiloride Inhalation
My ten-month-old son suffers from CF. He has lung problems and inhales amiloride. I have read on your advisory pages that amiloride has practically fallen out of use abroad because insufficient research has been done on its effects on CF patients. Why is this medicament so widely used in our ...
Thanks for giving the cleaning recommendations for a valved holding chamber used with the buccal tip (Vortex). I clean the VHC with soap and water every day and use once a week a non thermic disinfection. Is it enough? Thanks.
aerosols with colistin
What`s the amount of saline solution for aerosols colistin dilution?
Tyloxapol/ Tacholiquin® 0.1%
Dear experts, do you have any experience with tyloxapol (trade name Tacholiquin® 0.1% solution) in cystic fibrosis (CF)? After inhalation, the solution is supposed to loosen the mucus in a physical way so that coughing will become easier. Can this agent be recommended for CF individuals or are ...
Start of nursery school in December?
Hello, Our daughter will be 3 years old in December and we also have a place at nursery school for her starting in the middle of December. Now we are worrying a bit if it is a good idea to send her to nursery school just in the high season of infections or if we better should wait until ...
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