Hi, I have heard about a new « intelligent » device called ALTERA. Do you know it ? What are the differences between this device and the others ? Thanks.
Inhalation, in what order?
My daughter (7 months old, CF) has to inhale a number of different drugs. What order would be best for this? At the moment, she inhales the following drugs in the morning and evening: 1. salbutamol and Atrovent® (ipatropium bromide) 2. Mucoclear® (NaCl) 3% 3. Pulmicort® ...
MMAD (Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter = size of particles)
Hello, - Which size of particles is ideal in case of inhalation with colistin and DNAse? - Are these sizes achieved with the e-flow? - The particle size should not fall below under which minimal size for both drugs (in case inhalation is performed with a different nebulizer)? Many thanks
One-way nebulizer
Hello, many thanks for your information about the Porta-Neb. The one-way nebulizer is unfortunately only recommended for bronchodilators. Are there further inhalation devices with one-way nebulizer (suitable for Colistin and DNAse?) or what do you recommend for a journey abroad in a host ...
hello I have CF and am 28 years of age over the last two years my FEV1 has declined from 68 to 48 % predicted because I worked in an environment with heavy smoking, this is irritating my lungs and I did 6 hours physiotherapy per day, I receive one course of iv antibiotics per year and sometimes I ...
When a CF patient is treated with nebulized salbutamol (Ventoline) and RhDNase (Pulmozyme), what is the preferred order and delay to observe between these aerosols ?
Hypertonic Saline
Hello, My daughter is currently very congested, the CF doctor told her that she is not infected but unable to clear her airway due to a very thick mucus. She feels trouble breathing, she coughs a lot and even more during the night or feels an extreme fatigue. She has been performing RhDnase ...
Frolow breathing-exercise device from
Is there a benefit known from the breathing-exercise device frolow from atmosana in case of CF?
Portaneb nr 2
Thanks for your information about the PortaNeb nebulizer. My 13 years old son is going to travel and the question is about the nebulizer he has to bring with him for inhaling colimycine and RhDNase : should he take with him his e-Flow nebulizer which requires disinfection or the disposable ...
Portaneb (nebulization)
Hello, Could you precise the differences between the “travelling inhalation devices” Portaneb and Portaneb Lite compressors : technical data (size of the droplets, loudness), performance with colimycine and RhDnase, prices, can they be rented by a pharmacy, are both available with disposable ...
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