CAYSTON (Aztreonam Lysine)
Hello. We asked that our daughter benefit from Cayston®. Could you tell me wether the tests are conclusive and if the people who experienced it have felt some improvement?
Hello. I have a child with CF and my doctor recommended treatment with Flixotide. I have given two ampoules / day for 5 days but as I did not understand well, I am not sure if this was right. Then I read the prospectus and I am afraid of adverse effects on children.
Amiloride therapy
Hello, my 14-year-old son has Burkholderia Cepacia for about 2 years. After the iv-therapy in March 2010 as well as in June 2010 were not successful, one has the hope now to get rid of the germ with an amiloride inhalation quasi as an "intensifier" in parallel to the TOBI inhalation and the ...
Side effects of Pulmozyme : is there another drug to replace it ?
Complementary inhalation of bicarbonate and thiocyanate in addition to the normal inhalation with Sodium Chloride
Dear ladies and gentlemen, our little son is 18 months old and has been diagnosed as a CF child 6 weeks ago. Of course, we as parents are constantly reflecting how we could further develop or improve the therapy of our child. As an employee of a university I have online-access on many scientific ...
Dear madam, sir, Our 13 months old daughter suffers from CF. Luckily she has little airway complaints and only uses vitamins and creon pancreatic enzyme replacement therapy. Our doctor wants us to start using nebulizer. She does not complain of shortness of breath, nor anything that points ...
Formation of crusts and barks in the nose
Hello, I am colonized with MRSA and have the above titled problem since 8 years. Nasal showers do only relieve the symptoms. Could the inhalation with the Pari Sinus bring relieve and is it paid by the insurance? Many thanks
Cayston® (Aztreonam lysine)
Hello CF team, [Germany related part of the question about the availability] How is the treatment with the inhalative antbiotic drug Cayston® (Aztreonam lysine)? 1st month: Colistin 2nd month: Tobi® (tobramycine) 3rd month: Aztreonam lysine and then start again from the ...
Is a saline grotto beneficial for a CF child?
Dear experts, A saline grotto opened close to where we live [a link with further German information was given]. Our CF child (6) has problems with the upper airways, the nose is never completely clear despite inhalation with Pari Sinus and nasal wash (nasal polyps are not that big; an operation ...
Hello, I would like to buy for my child a portable inhaler, which of the inhlares accessible in the market is good for CF patients? I admit, that I wouldn't like to buy a very expensive inhaler. The child is 9-year-old and has hypertonic salt and pulmozyme inhalations.
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