inhalative cortisone therapy
Dear expert-team, In the course of a change of the care-center 6 months ago and an actual quite prologned infection I have a question about a demand-oriented inhalative cortisone therapy: For about 5 years I have been attuned to 2 puffs/day budesonid 400 at my "old" care center. At the new care ...
Coughing due to inhalation?
Hello, our son is 2 years old now. In August, CF has been diagnosed. Since september we inhale regularly. Even after the first inhalation he started coughing at night. Since then he coughs several times a day really hard. He gets N-acetyl-cysteine regularly and since one week also ...
US compatible nebulizer
We are traveling in France (to visit my mother in law's family) and burned out the motor on our Pari Ultra II nebulizer even using an adapter. We are renting a nebulizer now but wondered if it would be possible to find a nebulizer that would work here but be compatible with US voltage (100-230 ...
Which is the best inhaler for an 8-year-old child?
What do you think about MEDEL PRO inhalers, are they suitable for CF children?
Pep-S system
Dear CF-Team, I have been using the Pep-S system during inhalation for a short time now. Which of the different mouthpiece sizes (1.5 -5) can you recommend? How much pressure in mbar do you recommend? Kind regards and thanks.
Frequency of inhalation2 [refers to Q/A Frequency of inhalation]
We do not practice inhalation with a spacer – I do not know what that is!? We inhale twice with the stated drugs, and our treating doctor insists that we inhale twice so that our daughter is covered well. As an inhalation device, we use the Pari master®, which has been recommended to us for ...
Frequency of inhalation
Dear expert team. My daughter, 5, CF, has so far a mild course, only the lung is involved. We do daily 2x inhalations with beclomethasone, salbutamol and sodium chloride solution, additionally usage of the flutter. She is only rarely phlegmy, the last infection was about 6 months before. ...
Side-effects of the inhalation of hypertonic saline?
Dear CF-team, I inhale 5.85% sodium-chloride solution (2x3ml per day). With that I realize, that more mucus is mobilized. My question: does hypertonic saline mobilize only more mucus or can the inhalation of hypertonic saline have also negative effects, that means increases the mucus ...
Replacement of tobi
Hello. I would like to ask about a new kind of device (as a replacement for tobi) that will be smaller in size (like the one used for salbutamol). I have heard that it may be commercially available in the next 5-6 months. Is it true?
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